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April 17 2013


Top mobile applications for Blackberry

Written by Savvycom- Vietnam software outsourcings

Have you wonder about BlackBerry 10 apps? Let a mobile development company suggest some interesting choice for you

Top paid (This writing is based on our savvy)

Nobex Radio Companion: the free version of Nobex Radio Companion let you listen to the radio in America. With the premium version, you can listen to about 5.800 radio stations of 80 countries, with perfect sounds. Basic version: free, premium version $4.

Podcast Management: You can use PodTrapper Podcast Manager to download automatically your favorite podcast when you have free time. This app allows you ti create playlist, keep your eyes on the new lyrics and save as a program. Price 10USD.

Watch the TV shows on your BlackBerry BitBop is a services of videos of Fox, provides the TV programs on your mobile. With this app, you can download your favorite programs even without Wifi. Price 10USD/month.

BerryWeather: you can know the weather anytime, the guides, warms and weather forecast in 24hours/7days of more than 72.000 places all over the world. Price: 10USD.

April 02 2013


Apple rent people to repair “the disaster” called iOS maps

Written by Savvycom- Vietnamese software outsourcings

After releasing the Iphone app development Apple Maps in iOS 6 to compete with Google Maps, Apple met many complains because it guide the wrong road for users. Apple Maps is seen as “the disaster” in 2012.

The failure of Apple with many silly problems of Apple Maps leaded to the apology of the CEO Tim Cook to the users. The Australia government warned that iPhone users should not use this app because many people were stuck in a wild area after they used it. Apple Maps is on top 20 craziest products in 2012.

Few months then, Google proclaimed a free app named Google Maps on App Store. After 2 days, it had 10 million downloads.

The recruitment of Apple requires persons who can be responsible for the position “Maps Ground Truth Managers”, to improve the quality of this app. However, they may need a mobile development company.

Ground Truth is data which photographed a location. Affter that, these locations are linked to create accurate geography information.



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